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MCX Commodity Current Market Updates As on 29 Jan 2014

MCX Bullion Commodity:

In early morning trade on commodity markets, silver and gold have gone down. But at evening trade MCX Gold prices marginally up by 0.12 per cent to Rs 29,555,  while silver rapid gains by 0.52 per cent is trading at Rs 44,400.

Comex gold since 0.44 per cent growth in the international market is trading at $ 1,255. Comex silver since 0.79 per cent gains is above $ 19 per ounce.

MCX Energy Commodity:

U.S. President Barack Obama ‘s statement over the deterioration of natural gas. Now it is trading at around 2.62 per cent and the price at Rs 317. Today , with its onset was 1.5 per cent . The decline in crude oil has increased. In the domestic market, prices have fallen by nearly 1 per cent and is trading at Rs 6077. Dominates the international market sell-off in crude oil.

MCX Base Metals Commodity:

At domestic commodities markets all base metals are trading with red marks in early morning. But now, MCX base metals are traded mixed. Aluminum and 0.37 per cent fall is seen at Rs 107. Weakness of 0.08 per cent zinc and lead is trading at 0.04 per cent growth. Copper is marginally up and remains at Rs 453. However, the robustness of 0.15 per cent nickel is trading at Rs 887.

MCX India Current Market Updates 29 Jan, 2014

  • SILVER 05MAR2014, Current: 44396.00, High: 44462.00, Low: 43844.00, Volume: 11353
  • GOLD 05FEB2014, Current: 29556.00, High: 29590.00, Low: 29346.00, Volume: 7968
  • COPPER 28FEB2014, Current: 453.40, High: 453.65, Low: 449.45, Volume: 13956


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