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MCX Close Prices As on 21 Nov 2013

MCX  Bullion Commodity:

Getting huge volatility in gold today. Beginning with the fall was 0.5 percent . But the decline is over in gold. Silver has again come up to Rs 45,000. With a gain of 0.25 percent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 30 140 . Goldman Sachs said that by the end of 2014 , gold prices could fall to $ 1,050 . Ie about 15 percent from current levels and may fall . Silver was 0.2 percent higher at Rs 45 080 .

MCX Energy Commodity:

Crude oil has risen sharply. U.S. weekly unemployment figures are coming in today. MCX crude oil with 0.8 percent growth is trading at Rs 5960. Natural gas rose nearly 2 percent to Rs 232.

MCX Base metals Commodity:

All except the lead on MCX Metal, the base metals have been 0.5-1 percent strengthened. Lead flat and seems to be around Rs 130. The Copper above Rs 440 with a gain of 1 percent is reached. Aluminum 0.5 percent, 0.6 percent nickel and zinc also gained 0.6 percent.

At  MCX Close Prices As on 21 Nov 2013

  • NATURALGAS 25NOV2013, Close Price: 227.80, High: 235.70, Low: 228.90, Volume: 46605
  • SILVER1000 30NOV2013, Close Price: 46350.00, High: 0.00, Low: 0.00, Volume: 0
  • ZINCMINI 29NOV2013, Close Price: 116.65, High: 118.10, Low: 116.75, Volume: 7965
  • GOLDPETAL 30NOV2013, Close Price: 3104.00, High: 3116.00, Low: 3096.00, Volume: 16717
  • GOLDGUINEA 30NOV2013, Close Price: 24965.00, High: 25100.00, Low: 24858.00, Volume: 4832
  •  GOLDM 05DEC2013, Close Price: 30755.00, High: 31078.00, Low: 30623.00, Volume: 24135
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